What to Expect

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  1. What Can I Expect In Worship Service?

    What Can I Expect In The Worship Service?

    Our worship style is typically traditional and occasionally blended. We have a music leadership team that includes some of our youth, piano, organ, and guitar. Our pastor uses the English Standard Version while teaching and practices expository preaching.


  2. What Should I Wear?

    What Should I Wear?

    You'll see people in everything from casual wear to business attire. Just be yourself – and be comfortable. Our concern isn't what's on the outside, but what's on the inside. Jesus accepts us as we are when we come to Him, so come as you are.



  3. Where Do I Go When I Get There?

    Where Do I Go When I Get There?

    From the time you arrive to FSBMC, you'll be welcomed into a friendly environment by people who are excited to see you. Our members will be available to help answer any questions you may have and assist you and your family in your visit at FSBMC whether you are attending Sunday Morning class, Sunday morning worship, Sunday Evening "Family Matters' and/or Wednesday night services.