Sunday School

What does Sunday School look like during a pandemic?  Well, much like anything else, it may vary from week to week.  However, the family at FBCMagnetCove seek to continue to learn the Word of God with the family of God.  Nevertheless, We want to be sensitive to the health of one another and the community around us.  Our Sunday School time begins each Sunday @ 9:45.  We only have one adult class @ this time meeting in the Sanctuary so that we can spread out and socially distance as much as possible.  Our 7-12 teens meet in the old fellowship hall to accommodate them.  We also have two different classes for the older and younger children in our larger rooms.  We have a nursury available if desired.  However, we do not discourage the babies staying with their parents.  In fact, it is a great blessing to hear their imput at times in the adult class.

  March 2021  
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